About Khulna Medical College

Khulna Medical College was established in 1992 along with other four medical colleges by the then Govt. of Bangladesh with a view to achieve a people oriented health service delivery to the common people of Bangladesh by providing more doctors and thereby reducing patient-doctor ratio. Khulna Medical College (KMC) was established in 1992 at Khulna City, Bangladesh to provide quality medical education to students of MBBS course. It provides MBBS degree under Rajshahi University. KMC has a large campus comprising academic building, a 500 bed hospital, nursing institute and hostel buildings for students and internee doctors. KMC is the only medical college in southern-west part of Bangladesh. It is the highest center of treatment for various disease at this zone. At Khulna, KMC Hospital is renowned as '250 Bed Hospital'. Since its establishment, KMC is providing high quality medical education among the Govt. Medical Colleges of Bangladesh. Ex-students of KMC are showing outstanding performance at post-graduate studies. KMC has a strong administrative team behind its continued success. Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Ahad Moral is the leader of the team as being the principal of the institution. Currently, KMC has more than 750 students at 5 batches. Last enrolled batch is K-26th Batch. The admission procedure is organized by DGHS, Govt. of Bangladesh.


Message of Principal

It is a great honour and privilege for me to welcome the students seeking admission into Khulna Medical College. The college was established in 1992 along with four other medical colleges by the Govt. to provide skilled health man power for serving the common people of Bangladesh.
In this year (2017) K-26 batch will be admitted & (K-20) batch has successfully completed their final examination. From the day one, Khulna Medical College has stood for quality, commitment and integrity as far as the country's higher education is concerned. Student's performance is praiseworthy holding good position in the various examination under Rajshahi University. Many graduates from this college are taking higher studies at home and abroad. This institute is recognized by BCPS for postgraduate training and it has been included in WHO directory of medical colleges. As such graduates from this college can take part in USMLE examination in USA.
This institute is blessed with highly qualified teachers and modern logistics for conducting standard teaching. The teacher student relationship is unique. It has four lecture galleries, an auditorium, air conditioned library, conference room, common rooms, canteen, hostels, gymnasium, play-ground etc. for the students. Regular sports & cultural competitions are held with great enthusiasm. Political activity is strictly prohibited & the campus is smoking free zone.

Message of Vice Principal

This is my great pleasure to welcome students who have been qualified to get admitted into Khulna Medical College this year Session 2016 - 17. This year K-26 batch will start their long journey to study medicine and K-20 batch has successfully completed their final professional examination. The perfor­mance of the students & results in professional examinations under Rajshahi University are very much praiseworthy holding positions in different examination. Many graduates from this college are selected for higher studies both at home & abroad.
This college is recognized by Bangladesh College of Physicians & Surgeons for post-graduate training and included in WHO directory of medical college. As such graduates from this college are eligible to take part in USMLE examination in USA.
This year we have achieved permission for post-graduate diplo­ma course in Otolaryngology, Gynaecology, Pathology, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology. This is one step forward to conduct high standard teaching in this Institute.