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The following courses are offered in Khulna Medical College......

Forensic Medicine, Applied epidemiology, Family Health Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics and Pediatrics.

Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Psychiatry, Dermatology, Venereal diseases and Physical Medicine. Surgery includes General and Regional Surgery, Orthopaedics and Traumatology, phthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Anaesthesiology, Radiology, Radiotherapy, Blood Transfusion and Dentistry.

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The MBBS in Bangladesh has a syllabus and study pattern that are comparable to the top-quality health education all over the world. Bangladesh is becoming a hot destination for MBBS students not only from India but also Nepal, Gulf Countries, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bhutan, etc. The MBBS course duration in Bangladesh medical college is not that lengthy. You will have to clear two semesters to qualify SAARC quota for MBBS in Bangladesh 2021.


B.D.S (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) from Dhaka University. Total Number of Seats: 100 (Hundred) Duration of Course. The duration of BDS Course is four years with a professional examination in each year. The course is followed by honorary one year of compulsory in-service training. It is equivalent to the MBBS and owes the “Dr” domain. In the medical educational field, it is the second choice of the students after the MBBS course.

Welcome to Khulna Medical College:

The Khulna Medical College (KMC), established in 1990, is a medical institution with the Khulna Medical College and Hospital, also know as "250 bed hospital", in Bangladesh. It is situated in the city of Khulna near the Khulna inter-district Bus Stand at the entrance to the city. Though new, the institution has a glorious performance in medical education.


Before 1989 Khulna Medical College Hospital was known as 250 bed Hospital. A plan to establish a medical college was taken into consideration in the year. So KMC was born. In its early days starting only with a few students and almost without any infrastructure, the college began to train undergraduate students. PGT trainings were also given in the hospital. Thereafter many other facilities including educational, research and residential facilitation were made available.

Examination and Affiliation

Khulna Medical College is affiliated under Rajshahi University along with 9 other government and private medical colleges under the same university. The students receive MBBS degree from Rajshahi University after completion of 5th year and passing the final Professional MBBS examination.

This college is directly governed by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council BMDC an affiliate of Ministry of Health.

The Professional examinations are held under the University and results are given thereby. Internal Examinations are also taken on regular interval namely Card completions, term end and regular assessments.


Khulna Medical College has necessary buildings for training and education. There is an academic building adjacent to the hospital building. It is a four storey building housed with the administrative and academic sections. All the departments are there: offices, students' section, Principal and other offices. For educational purpose there are classrooms, Galleries, Library and an Audio-visual Unit. There are 4 large galleries for combined classes.

There are 6 hostels for students. 2 boys hostel, 1 girls hostel and 3 hostel for internee doctors. the girls hostel and one of the boys hostel is 4 storied.

Qurters for the staffs and officers of both college and hospital are also in the boundary.

Admission process

Admission test is held under the Ministry Of Health for admission in all the govt medical colleges.Sudents selected in the test are admitted here on the basis of their choice.

Current batch

Khulna Medical College has the 17th (K17) batch at present. This batch was admitted in January 2008.this medical college has enough faculties, space, students etc. etc.both of girls and boys are too talent .in future it will be the no 1 in position medical college of bangladesh. A medical career calls for academic education through medical colleges. To me, a medical college is a lot more than merely an academic institution. These institutions are responsible for creating enogh workinh fields of their own hands. Our country is blessed with a few very well established private and public medical colleges, which not only create world class doctors but also they gives us world class treatment.information from engineering student Anu/khudro

Our Faculty Members

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Dr. Mohammad Kamruzzaman

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Dr. Kutub Uddin Mollick

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Dr. Debashish Kumar Ghosh

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Working Hours

Monday to Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 4pm
Sunday 12pm - 2pm

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